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Finсloud is a global fintech platform, that combines the reliability and rules of the classical banking world with the speed, scaling and transparency of the blockchain solutions in the mobile operator shell. Our goal is to make crypto world closer to the masses and create the conditions for entry as easily as never before.


  • The complication of the first purchase of crypto and its subsequent storage for regular user.
  • High commissions for money transfers or a long time of bank transfer operation.
  • The need to store different assets (deposit, bank cards, mobile account, crypto) in the different applications or even not having access to this assets from the smartphone at all.
  • The need for constant verification in the network and the passing through KYC for access to financial instruments. Its a question of proxies (multi-signature) and the inheritance of crypto assets.
  • The problem of device loss, hacking mobile wallet, loss of crypto assets.


Our experience in the field of software development, blockchain techologies and the foreign exchange market gives us confidence in creating an unique hybrid P2P solution.

We are creating an universal finance platform oriented on customers who seek freedom for their financial operations.


  • Digital ID
  • Digital wallet
  • Personal budgeting
  • AI scoring credit system
  • Deposit
  • Personal security system


The FinCloud platform is built on advanced technologies integrated into the ecosystem of blockchain. It comes with an interactive user interface that simplifies the process of working with the application and gives its users more confidence in the use of security controls provided by processing the technology of a distributed DLT database.

Transactions are handled by matching orders, which are performed using our unique algorithm, which easily connects different participants across countries together on our platform.

The engine FinCloud uses container technology to host intelligent contracts called "chain code", which form the logic of the application system. Technology stack modern banking, AI, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting the highest security and UX requirements

Why now

  • The growing market of mobile operators in the USA
  • The growing market of fintech apps in the USA
  • The growing market of money transfers in the USA
  • Growth of interest in crypto among broad masses

All these factors plus our financial, blockchain / crypto and telecom background motivated us to implement all of it into FinCloud product.


Product roadmap

FinCloud 0.1:
1. Digital ID:
2. Digital Wallet:
FinCloud 1.0:
1. Digital ID:
verification framework
privat blockchain data storage
rating system
2. Digital Wallet:
vault (cards, crypto)
payment service
P2P money transfer
FinCloud 1.1:
1. Digital ID:
multi signature
2. Digital Wallet:
FinCloud 1.2:
1. Personal budgeting:
personal digital «paper trail»
AI finance assistant
2. AI credit scoring service:
secured by deposit/crypto
P2P loans
FinCloud 2.1:
1. Digital ID:
perks, freebies, discounts and special offer
2. Digital Wallet:
perks, freebies, discounts and special offers
FinCloud 2.1:
1. Cloud marketplace:
AI based innovative content personalization and recommending engine.
2. Investing platform:
AI based platform for smart trading.
reverse initial coin offering pratform